Snapshot@Ink’d and Brighton

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Having sadly missed the opening night of the SNAPSHOT group show at Ink’d Gallery to catch Snub23, Mr Zero, Ink Fetish, Fat Heat and others, we headed along to the show as soon as we could. The 2 compact floors and backyard of the gallery were literally stacked with an amazing selection of artists including those mentioned above, plus Irony, My Dog Sighs, Snik, SPZero76, Dep and many others. The show is on until 1st June. Go go go!
Fortunately, it wasn’t just about the gallery though, as several of the featured artists had been doing what they do best in a few nearby streets, like the Snub23/Mr Zero colab above, and more pictures after the shots from the gallery below. Enjoy!
Pics from the gallery
20140519-211444.jpg20140519-211505.jpg20140519-211730.jpg20140519-211848.jpgStreet Style20140519-205355.jpg20140519-205513.jpg20140519-205922.jpg20140519-205947.jpgAs expected, some fresh graf nearby too20140519-210039.jpg20140519-210128.jpg20140519-210148.jpg20140519-210505.jpg
…and finally, my favourite new sticker artist of the day – Hutch