Why Thierry Noir?
During the May-Day Bank Holiday weekend, the lady and I headed to Chichester for the secretly organised, unpublicised Street Art Festival, where some of the biggest names in outdoor improvements were in attendance. We had intended to head there on the Sunday, then to spend the Bank Holiday Monday alongside the 20,000 or so bikers that descend upon our little old seaside town every year. After having a fabulous day on the Sunday, we soon scrapped Monday’s plans of fisn’n’chips on the beach, and headed back for a second day to see how the finished pieces were looking. They looked like this….My Chichester photos on Flickr
Such a fab weekend needed a proper souvenir, and given the average price of a piece by most of the guys painting is well out of our price range, the chance to own a Thierry Noir designed screen-printed official poster was too hard to resist. I contacted Street Art London who arranged the festival, and reserved the soon to be available screen-print. By complete coincidence, the completed posters were delivered to the Dulwich street art festival house on the Saturday 2 weeks later, at the exact time that Thierry Noir, the lady and I were in the house; it was clearly meant to be!

The piece
Chichester Street Art Festival 2013 Official Screen-Print designed by Thierry Noir: 11 colour screen-print, Signed and dedicated on front “FOR EMMA AND PETE THIERRY NOIR”.

About Thierry Noir
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