Why RX Skulls?
Somehow, despite owning hundreds (possibly thousands) of stickers, by a huge range of artists worldwide, none of the ApieceAmonth artists I have chosen so far are known specifically for creating stickers. As the collection is already nearly 2 years old, that clearly had to change!
The picture above shows the first ever RX Skull I saw, back in Shoreditch, August 2012. I thought it was awesome, but at the time assumed it was a random Obit paste-up, knowing nothing about its collaborative pedigree!! Fast forward to early 2013, when I first discovered RX and the Portland sticker scene, and was hooked. Them skulls just had to be mine, so I ordered myself a pack for the collection.
Around the end of 2013, I noticed a load of RX’s skulls had started popping up in Brighton, blogged by @brightonstreetart on Instagram. Next time I was in Brighton, it was great to finally see them on the streets for myself. It was that point that Arrex joined my list of artists to join the ApieceAmonth club; there’s just not enough months in the year!!
Brighton seafront, Nov 013

The piece
SKULLS!!!: ~120 screen-printed vinyl stickers
Rather than paying massive postage costs for Arrex to send a pre-stickerised piece from Portland, I asked for a massive pack of stickers that I could stick to an appropriate sign I had loitering about at home. I also realised how much fun it would be to make a stop motion animation of the process, so I did!

About Arrex
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