Why Perspicere?
Due to a limited budget around the festive season, December’s piece was a combined ApieceAmonth and Christmas present for my dear lady.

We had seen the piece being advertised during the summer on Perspicere’s WordPress page, but sadly (and not surprisingly) it had already sold. When I bought the amazing threadwork piece from him in the summer and expressed an interest about buying Nurse, he said he’d contact me if he re-used the stencil to create another; and was good to his word!

The piece
Nurse: Spray paint on reclaimed wood. 30cm x 60 x 3cm.

 About Perspicere

Through a diverse spread of acrylic paintings on canvas and found objects to more minimalistic ink drawings on paper, Perspicere creates a hybrid composite of abstraction and representationalism, rich in geometric shapes and simulated forms and with draftsman ship at the core.

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