Why Infected By Design?
After discovering the fabulous work of He Dreamt Mars last year, I soon found out about another seriously talented member of Blackpool’s Homegrown Collective; Infected By Design. After seeing many of his infections online, it was great to get the chance to see him painting live at Upfest this year. After he completed his Upfest piece, we met up, and discussed him providing a piece for the growing ApieceAmonth collection, and he was more than happy to oblige.

The piece
OFB: Spray Paint & Posca on reclaimed fibreboard, Signed and titled on front, Signed and dedicated on reverse, Edition of 1, 35 x 41cm

About Infected By Design
Email interview 31/07/13:
Love the piece, thank you so much. Can you tell me about it?
Kind of a little homage to you, or your OwlFacedBoy alter ego anyways! Probably more parrot-like or Toucan-y but it’s how my brain works when it meshes the thoughts together when I started it! Spray painted background built up with a few layers of colour for that ‘cosmic’ feel. Then get the thick Poscas out and create a framework of sorts. Had to get a triangle in there! I don’t really have an ‘agenda’ as such when I’m doing stuff like this, I just allow it to come out as it will.

How old were you when you started painting?
I started drawing when I was 2. Earliest memory is from 3 years old, I drew a mouse in a shop and surprised the shopkeeper with how good it was for a toddler! Went from there, but it’s only in the last few years I’ve been doing bigger projects, until then it was all doodling and illustration type stuff.

So, how long have you been ‘Infecting’?
I’ve been using the name Infected By Design since 2006, around the time I started my graphic design degree. They encouraged you to have more of an ‘identity’ as a designer, something I took on board, and I created this creative alias. At first it was more a visual reference- my work LOOKED Infected, but it actually started with a sticker campaign. I created a simple little character that I was to stick up everywhere and add bits to the design each week until eventually the character would become something different, like a mecha-human, and I would reveal the name Infected By Design. But I began to realise it meant so much more than just a play on words, it was ME that was infected by design, the way we are made, the human condition, sickness, depression, life itself, the way we are perceived. The fact that I did graphic design despite having never had a computer and struggled through it, only to get through it in the end BECAUSE I did hand drawn work and stood out from all the other students who were Mac wizards! It’s all in the name! Haha!

Where can we see more of your work?
I run a studio in Blackpool town centre with fellow artists Catch-22, Lowdown and He Dreamt Mars. We run workshops with the Youth Offenders Team, and the walls downstairs are used to display our work.
You can see more of my work on my Facebook page, my website or on the onefiveeight website [Links below].
You can also see some of my older work still up on the walls at the Ram ‘N’ Shackle pub in Fallowfield, Manchester alongside work by my fellow OneFiveEighter’s and Phlegm from Sheffield.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as an artist?
Proudest moment? Hmm…I’ve never really been one for compliments or basking in the glory of a job well done as such, since most of the time I don’t see myself as an artist anymore, more of a doodler going big on some of his pieces. But I recently took part in a pretty sweet project to put artwork on the Blackpool illuminations. It will be the biggest illuminated gallery of urban art in the world, ever. Unveiled at the end of August with the switch-on.
The little character that I mentioned before has changed a little bit in the last 7 years and I’m now getting him out there properly since I’ve put him on four illuminated tableaus. I’m quite chuffed with that, and to be part of something so unique.
Being asked to paint at big events like Upfest and Sand Sea and Spray are a boost.
I’ve painted some crazy things over the years. A couple of cars, pianos, guitars, and I’m always on the lookout to Infect bigger and more random things! A tank and a private jet are top of my list!

What’s next in the pipeline for you?
Next in the pipeline? I just met up with a magician this afternoon and went to look at a prop he wants painting. Pretty sweet job really because I’m covering something they really don’t like and have free reign to Infect it!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!! Thanks or your time dude, keep up the great work.

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