Why He Dreamt Mars?
This is the first piece I saw by HDM. I’ve no idea what immediately drew me to the Angel design, but I knew straight away I had to own one.


The piece
Silent Night: Posca pen on box canvas. Signed on front, dated & titled on reverse. 36 x 46 x 2cm. Edition of 1

After contacting HDM, he was more than happy to create me a one off Angel piece on canvas.

About HDM
Email interview with HDM 30/03/13:
So He Dreamt Mars, what got you started?
As a kid I was drawing, creating and doing origami all the time. I first tried spray paint at the age of 15 and probably only lasted about two weeks tagging walls in alleys etc. I studied art at high school, but failed the course so didn’t get to college.

What influences your art?
With regards to influences, it’s got to be music more than anything, mainly Hip Hop and IDM. El-P’s Fantastic Damage at the age of 19 or so, plus the artwork and the whole Def Jux movement was all a massive inspiration. I stopped drawing shortly after, until only about two years ago when I posted some old photos on Twitter, and Duke01 asked to see more. I’d never shown anyone my work before due to being self-conscious over it. Later on, I went on to doing some more artwork again, with him and more people liking my work getting me more comfortable with it all but, if I’m honest I still struggle showing it to people now.

So now HDM is out and about hitting the streets, where have you shown your work?
My first expo was the homegrown show in 2012 with my friends/fellow local artists Catch-22, Lowdown, Robin Ross & Infected by Design. This was a two day show and was a great turnout, especially for our town! (Blackpool) Here’s a review from the AltBlackpool guys, plus a shameful short video from myself which I’ve never watched, haha! http://www.altblackpool.co.uk/review-homegrown
I’ve also done CD artwork for Duke01, Issuez – The Beijing Kokktale (which is a killer LP) and Open Sauce Vol 1. Tokyo On Mars 2 will be coming out with Black Tokyo Music, with the same concept of him doing the beats then sending them to me for doing the artwork for each track. There’s some other pieces coming up in the year, but can’t say yet as things always seem to change.

Quite a lot then! What’s next?
Coming up this year I’ll be painting at Upfest in Bristol in May, then the day after I’ll be painting at the Al Fresco event with Mr.Scruff in Blackpool – https://www.facebook.com/events/493134294040268/?fref=ts In June I’m painting at this year’s Sand, Sea & Spray event in my home-town Blackpool. This event is getting better every year, we’ve got so many great artist in our town now.
I’m also thinking of getting my own Bandcamp page together in the future. Music has always been my biggest inspiration and has given me great chances to work with people, so I was thinking of having a Bandcamp to release tracks/eps/whatever with any artists, whereI do the artwork and push it out there for people.
I’m also hoping to do some more Kid Robot Munny HDM customs too (like the planet one I did a while ago), and lots more street pieces up this year. There’ll be more paste-ups and hopefully spraying bigger pieces too, as I really want to see big angels hovering about anywhere else I can!

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