Why DS?
Pandaman was the first piece I saw by DS in the flesh. It was an image I’d seen many times before on the net and on iPhone cases and such, but had no idea who it was by, until I spotted this in Shoreditch in September.However, the reason I chose to contact DS was not because of this piece, but due to him visiting my hometown St Leonards, East Sussex, and making a lovely addition to the (protected!) Banksy piece, which arrived on the Marina seafront in 2010.

The piece
Signature Canvas: Spray paint on box canvas. Dated on reverse. 12.5 x 12.5 x 4cm. Edition of 1.
After contacting him with numerous questions about the Banksy addition (see his response below), DS offered to make me a one-off mini signature canvas.

About DS
Email from DS 05/11/12
“I cut the Bulldozer Baby stencil out about a year ago but didn’t get a chance to come down and spray it. I’m not a fan of doing pieces outside in winter, the weather is too unpredictable, too cold and my stencils are too fragile so the fast approaching winter spurred me on to sort it out. You won’t find me adding to peoples work much either but this Banksy piece just lent itself to something joining it. Who knows more people might also add to mine now and it could be the start of an evolving story played out by the characters of street artists on the sea front?”

DS’s Homepage