Why Carl Cashman?
I had the pleasure of seeing Carl Cashman’s work for the first time at Upfest this year, where he took a break for about half an hour to chat, tell me about his work and his upcoming show he was preparing for. Since then I have been keeping tabs on him, and I’m really pleased to announce his show in Portland – his first ever solo show, went down an absolute storm. Every Time I Close My Eyes, All I See Is This.

The piece
RBW: 2 colour screen print on 300 gsm paper, Edition 40 of 45, Signed and dated on reverse, 59 × 42cm
It really is a piece that you need to see in the flesh to appreciate the vividness of the colours, photos do it no justice at all!

About Carl Cashman
Congratulations on your Portland show in August, from what I’ve seen it went down a storm! How did you end up having your first solo show over in the States, that’s an impressive jump from Devon?
Thanks dude, I was completely blown away by the response. We set a target of 50% sales – which I would have been made up with – but to sell out the show, especially within a week, by far exceeded any expectations. I met the curator Sven Davis a few years ago when I was helping out at one of the Moniker events, we stayed in touch via artchival.proboards.com as he was an editor for arrestedmotion.com at the time. To be honest I was mainly collecting at that point, but that was the place I started to promote my work. They did a secret santa one year and I got Sven as the recipient for my gift, I thought it was a no brainer to send him one of my pieces. I guess that led up to him inviting me to take part in the big group show Space//Form over in Portland, Oregon which had a great response, and then 12 months later came the solo show.

…and you’ve just got back from Croatia too, what were you up to over there?
Yeh I was working at Unknown Festival for a company called Mad Ferret, I met a guy called Chris Canavan while doing some decor at Glastonbury this summer and he passed them some links to my work. Over in Croatia I was painting some benches, pyramid benches and some pyramid structures.
[Photo of Carl in Croatia. Picture © 2013 Carl Cashman]

So, how did you get started? Have you always been into geometric patterns, or has it evolved?
I’ve always like to ‘make’ stuff, whether its all been art or not I don’t know :). I studied fine art down here in Devon, but was more into stencils and making textured surfaces. The last stencil I put up was reported as being a Banksy by the local press and, as laughable as that was, I realised I didn’t want to spend the rest of my art-making days having that as the generic response. The first geometric pieces I titled ‘McMee’ as a reference to the work of Barry McGee, whose work I loved but could not afford to purchase, so decided to make my own versions. It’s taken many hours of making, but I feel I’m finally getting to the point where my geometry has its own identity. I have always loved geometric based art though, M. C. Escher was someone whose work I loved back when I was at school.

Where can we see more of your work?
To be honest I’m a bit of a social media whore and try to use them all, although not always sharing the same images on them all.
I have flickr, tumblr, Facebook and Instagram just under my own name.

What’s your proudest moment so far as an artist?
The proudest moment for me has to be being invited to take part in Space//Form in 2012 over at Breezeblock gallery in Portland. I had spent the previous decade collecting, or aspiring to own work by certain artists, and then there I am having my work displayed next to some of the biggest artists on the scene. To be honest I’m still a fanboy and always come back from shows with new sketches in the black book or a doodled bank note to add to the collection!

What’s next then? Any upcoming shows/events?
I’ve got some great gigs lined up for the next 12 months including another solo show. First off I will be having a piece in the Thinkspace booth at SCOPE Miami Beach from 2nd – 8th December and then I will be having a couple of pieces at POW! WOW! in Hawaii next February …. I’ll have a bit more info on that closer to the time

Looking forward to seeing the pics! Thanks man.

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