Why C3?
The picture above was taken in Sheffield in Oct ’13, and shows the first piece we saw of C3’s; a colab with the fabulous lord-of-the-Technicolored-street-utility-paste-up – D7606. Over the last few months, we have seen lots more of C3’s gorgeous hand-drawn and printed paste-ups and stickers around many London spots, as well as pictures online from all over the country.

The piece
Untitled: Pen, pencil and Posca on Cardboard, Signed on front, 1 off
C3 also enclosed some stickers (Woot!!) and a whole bunch of extra awesome stuff!!

About C3
Email interview 30/06/14:

Love the piece, thank you so much. I love that it’s not just showcasing your striking, recurring red-haired character, but your top illustration skills too. Tell me about your lovely lady, and how she came to be.
I’m glad you like the piece! I call her my c3 lady, so I suppose she is c3 really, I just create her. It ended up as pure coincidence that we both have red hair, red just really stands out and it’s that extra splash of colour which makes her just pop. As for the inspiration, I love music and take a big influence from song lyrics. I’ll hear some lyrics and just get an idea in my head and sit down and transfer it to paper.

Has drawing always been your thing since you were young?
As a kid I was more into having adventures with my friends than sitting down drawing. At school I really wanted to do art as a GCSE but my teacher didn’t think I was good enough, I remember having to draw a still life of some dead fish and she would then decide if I could do it. I ended up getting an A grade and feeling pretty smug about it! After that I went to college and just really focused on art. It was more technical drawings to begin with, as I studied 3D, but really enjoyed it.

Looking at the masses of street art pictures from all over the place on your Instagram feed, you cover some major mileage! Where are your favourite spots?
Haha yea, I never stop these days! At the moment I love going into unused buildings and looking at the work others have done, graffiti and street art on the street is awesome, but when you put that into a location that’s falling apart and abandoned, for me it just makes it even more interesting.
As for putting my own work up,my heart will always lie in Digbeth, Birmingham. That’s where it all began for me. I love the simple things that people probably don’t think about; when someone takes a photo of a paste I’ve done and shares it, that always puts a smile on my face and I really appreciate it.

Any plans for getting out and getting up this summer?
I’m hoping to go over to Europe sometime, but still deciding where to go. I’ve got some new designs I’m working on so I’ll be getting up more this summer. I’m taking part in City of Colours in Birmingham at the start of September. I’m really looking forward to it, the line up looks amazing, plus it’ll be good to see the area transformed over a weekend.

Looks like we’re heading up to Birmingham for that, so see you there if not before. Thanks c3.

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