Why 45rpm?
The first piece I saw by 45rpm was his magnificent owl on Shoreditch’s iconic train carriage on top of Village Underground. I noticed he was using it as his Twitter avatar whilst I was trawling for graf pics, and what’s not to love; old school train graffiti and a beautiful owl!

The piece
Owl: Marker pen and paint on box canvas. Signed on reverse. 30 x 41 x 4cm. Edition of 1.
Clearly, one of them awesome big eyed owls had to be mine. I emailed 45, and asked if he’d do me an owl on canvas, and he was happy to oblige. Also in with the package was a selection of stickers, and an owl badge, which was a lovely touch.

About 45rpm
Email from 45rpm 04/03/13
“45rpm from the WHAT crew. Ive been painting since 2000 but started taking it seriously in 2003 after a move to Bristol. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by super talented artists who paint in the same crew these being Richt, Sums, Gumbo and Howl. We are drinking and painting buddies who met through the mutual love of painting silly pictures and the taste for cider based beverages. I paint, design, take photos and film, I want my painting fingers in all the pies. I get itchy feet quickly so travel a lot as there are so many untouched walls to paint, so keep your eyes peeled!”

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