Opening Night: C215, Back to Black

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Running from the 6th February to the 2nd March 2014, C215’s show is filling the back space of Stolen Space. And it really is filling it!!
To be honest, I arrived at the show expecting a selection of small stencilled pieces on upcycled items feeling lost in the large space in the backk of Stolen Space, and didn’t expect a gallery of work to be able to transfer the personality and joy of Monsieur Guemy’s street stencils. I was wrong to worry about such things!
The pieces on display were varied in size and medium, from small painted cans, to the massive 2m x 2m behemoth Purple Rain, and a genuine Royal Mail Letterbox covered in bones. Together with some great presentation, lighting etc, it all came together perfectly, feeling like a high end art gallery show, rather than some street pieces uncomfortably brought indoors. If you like that sort of thing. And on this occasion, I did. Top show, top night!