John the Artist, Shoreditch, 22/09/13

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Most people familiar with the Shoreditch area would no doubt have come across John, accompanied by his dog George at some point. For several years, John has sat on the pavement sketching the buildings and artwork of the area, selling his sketches to passers-by.

Griff from Street Art London recognised the talent in John’s sketches, and using his numerous contacts has arranged a collaborative show like no other. The bulk of the show consists of numerous copies the same print of John’s work, customised by pretty much every big name writer and artist on the international scene.
Dscreet, Roa, C215, Stik, Pablo Delgardo, Cityzen Kane, Thierry Noir, Run, Liqen, Steve ‘ESPO’ Powers, The Rolling People, Chrome & Black, Malarky and plenty of others all make appearances, each customising the same beautiful piece of John’s work.
I asked Griff if he was surprised by the amount of interest from artists. “To be honest, not really! Most of the artists here know John, and just wanted to get involved. The pieces on display today are still not the full set, as Steve Powers’ piece has got stuck at customs , we’re waiting for a few more to get sent back that went out late, and a number of the local guys were up for doing another collaboration, so we’re trying to extend the show.”
Full gallery of the pieces on display 22/09/13
Set of pictures on Flickr