Before I had my Blackbook, I always had a stack of Hello Ny Name Is stickers and a Sharpie in my bag, you know, just in case I bumped into anyone….!

Dscreet, Thierry Noir, Run, Liqen, Phlegm, Nunca, Christiaan Nagel, Word To Mother (pair), He Dreamt Mars, My Dog Sighs, Gnasher, Naskool, Sepr, Faith 47, Carl Cashman, Fink 1, Telmo Miel, Miss Wah, Cosmo Sarson, Kef, Korp, Snub 23, D7606, Krishna/Hare, Peeta, Paul ‘Don’ Smith, Dank, Brave 1, Masai, Moose, Run, Dscreet, Infected By Design (Triptych), D*Face (Triptych), Obit, 616, Aylo, Motel7