Phlegm, The Bestiary – Preview

Opening this Saturday, 1st February comes what I can only imagine will be my favourite show of the year!! I knew that Griff, the Principal of Street Art London was up to something big and secretive in November, but was still very tight-lipped when I last caught up with him at Christmas. The big reveal was not a total shock when it came, considering Phlegm went to Chichester and Dulwich Festivals to paint with SAL last year, but the prospect of one of the most interesting, talented British street artists in Shoreditch’s newly renovated Howard Griffin Gallery is an absolute delight! Added to the fact that this is a completely non-commercial, nothing for sale kinda show, not a vehicle to shift an artists’s new character/series of prints etc – THIS WILL BE SOMETHING SPECIAL!!
Phlegm at Chichester20140126-235226.jpg
Phlegm & Run at Chichester20140126-235346.jpg
Bestiary preview images courtesy of Street Art London




Chichester images © 2013
Phlegm Show Preview Images © 2014