Northern Road Trip Part 2 – Blackpool

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Part 2 of our road trip was our final destination for a few days – Blackpool, the home of the Sand, Sea & Spray street art festival. I was lucky to meet up with local artist, member of the Homegrown Collective and all round top bloke, He Dreamt Mars, who took me round Blackpool’s hotspots and annually refreshed SSS walls. We saw pieces, stickers and paste-ups from local artists as well as many of the big hitters in the UK and international scene.
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Work from some of the locals….
He Dreamt Mars sticker20131109-165058.jpgLowdown20131109-165219.jpgCatch 22 panel, featured in this year’s Blackpool Illuminations20131109-165320.jpgInfected By Design20131109-165343.jpg
And some pieces from artists just visiting….Jana & JS20131109-173121.jpgParlee20131109-170909.jpgMy Dog Sighs20131109-171127.jpgIdiom colab with My Dog Sighs20131109-172544.jpgThe London Police20131109-172658.jpg