Dubl Trubl – Urban Spree, Berlin

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Long-serving graf writer and king of the owls – Dscreet, has worked his arse off this year, to bring together a massive pool of international artists for possibly the greatest group show ever – DUBL TRUBL
How could we miss it?!
The idea of the show was simple – to bring together pairs of artists to create unique, incredible pieces of collaborative art. The resulting collaborations on display at the show include Cityzen Kane/Christiaan Nagel, Rowdy/The Soft City, Eoin/Reka, Alex Fakso/Gemma White, Thierry Noir/Christiaan Nagel, as well as Dscreet’s own colabs with artists such as Lister, Aeon, Paul Insect, 616, Rone, and many, many more!
Dubl Trubl, Urban Spree, Berlin 18/09/14 – 26/10/14